Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cascade mountains over Shorecrest High School

View facing east from the softball field across the top of Shorecrest High School towards the Cascade Mountains. You can't see those mountains very often!

Shorecrest High School is actually located in Shoreline but its attendance area includes all of Lake Forest Park. The Performing Arts Theater prominent in the center of the picture. Shorecrest very fortunate to have this facility. All four of my kids have attended Shorecrest, it IS a school with heart. Shorecrest has a diverse student body with about 30% minority, mostly Asian. Diverse economically with families with a variety of resources. Kind of a real life mix. I think that's positive.

NOTE: Completely different mountain range from yesterday though the photos were taken just a few miles apart. Check out my main blog for the chilly nature of that softball field

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