Saturday, February 2, 2008

Greater Lake Forest Park

This blog intends to participate in the Daily City Blog project. I live in Lake Forest Park, a residential community just north of the Seattle city limits in King County. I will feature pictures of our small community (just 3 square miles!) supplemented by pictures from our neighboring community to the west, Shoreline, Washington

From the official website of Lake Forest Park

The community of Lake Forest Park constitutes three square miles at the north end of Lake Washington. To the south, Lake Forest Park begins at the city limit of Seattle. To the north, Lake Forest Park ends at the Snohomish county line. To the east, the city is bounded by Lake Washington and at 55th Avenue NE where the city of Kenmore begins. The city's western boundary is at the city of Shoreline's city limit. Lake Forest Park is a distinctly forested environment,a green oasis just 12 miles from downtown Seattle.

The first picture is a view of Ballinger Way, the main arterial of Lake Forest Park, last spring during very typical weather

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