Monday, February 18, 2008

Turtle Rock

The neighborhood just to the east and a bit north of me is known as "Turtle Rock" The evidence! Sometime, before we moved here (and we've been here 20 years) somebody painted this rock in their front yard to look like a turtle. I know it has been repainted at least once. This landmark gives the neighborhood it's name. People routinely say "I live in Turtle Rock" Looks like it could use at least a washing this spring.


Jana said...

How fun!

conne said...

The Turtle Rock has a new coat thanks to two grandchildren and one very patient grandfather. Graffetti was sprayed and they wanted to remove the bad word. Our Grandchildren are learning how to participate in cleaning up our community and how to respect other people's property.

Anonymous said...

My Parents bought a home in the turtle rock neighborhood when it was brand new 1978, the 3rd house on the right. I was 1 it wasnt too long after we moved in that the rock was 1st painted to look like a turtle.